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At BEA Adjudication, we provide an efficient and objective service and always seek to respond promptly to a client’s enquiry. Many problems are minimised when we are involved at an early stage. The dangers of leaving matters until a later date, or after completion, together with their damaging financial consequences can be avoided through adjudication.

While the industry seeks to reduce areas of conflict, or time taken to reach resolution through adjudication. Our expertise and experience are key to clients needing to protect their position under the contract terms and conditions. We also pursue entitlements to additional time and cost under the contract, and secure full and proper evaluation of variations. Failure to do so can lead to diminishing profitability, adverse cash flow and uncertain completion dates and budgets

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  Paying the Penalty

Adjudication - Arbitration - Litigation

Adjudication came into force in May 1998 to assist in the movement of cash quickly and efficiently through the clients, contractors and sub-contractors. Brian Evans Associates has successfully carried out a large number of Adjudications and can offer expert assistance in the issues it highlights.

These include:-

Contract documentation received or issued - is it compliant with the "Construction Act"?

What are your current or future risks of either a compliant or non-compliant contract?

What is the current status of your cash flow and the payment of future sums, including the agreement of variations and claims?

Are you being targeted for an Adjudication that may cause an overpayment to your supplier - at your expense?

Are the mechanisms in place to withold monies legally sound?

Would you benefit from seeking support to solve problems with final accounts?

Have you procedures in place to ensure you protect all your payment rights when an employment contract is terminated or determined? These are just some of the issues raised by Adjudication - there are many more. Our highly experienced and skilled professional staff are able to provide advice and assistance on any query you may have.

Adjudication - Arbitration - Litigation - BEA

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